Thursday, 2 January 2014


I'll need a new hobby to fill all the time I currently spend
dreaming about this place
Obviously I am immensely susceptible to psychologic manipulation. From two days ago to now virtually nothing has changed in my life and yet my cosy laziness of then has been replaced with busy excitement, all because of the new year. I have finally realised that it really is January, and although the first day of 2014 is in fact just a day that is hardly different from the one before, everything feels different. I am thrilled for everything this year will bring: graduation, my entry into the world of adults on my 18th birthday and university. This morning I filled in my new calender and now the dates of my final exams are hanging on the wall in red ink. What a weird feeling!

It is a little intimidating, especially since I have no idea where in the world I will be next September. Cambridge is supposed to send me their answer during the next few days and of course I am excited, even though I try not to be. Rationally I know that it can only be a rejection because while my interviews were okay (but not great), my performance at their critical thinking test was underwhelming, to put it nicely. Overall I did my best, I just can't imagine that it was enough for Cambridge, there were almost 900 brilliant applicants for just 200 places. So in order to not be disappointed I am trying to crush my hopes, but you all know how obstinate hope can be.

On a brighter note, I have started reading again! When I was standing in front of my shelves yesterday a small book I have had there untouched for over a year basically jumped at me. The Frozen Deep was written as a play by Wilkie Collins for the annual Christmas performance at Charles Dickens's house in 1856 and later reworked into a short novel. It tells the story of Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition of 1845 and, although written by Collins, Dickens apparently altered it so much that critics claimed the play should be ascribed to him rather than to his friend. Having read both authors I am curious if I can notice their separate influences. However, the reason why I am really interested in it is that The Frozen Deep inspired Dickens to write A Tale of Two Cities by creating the character of Richard Wardour who later became Sydney Carton, the most tragic byronic hero of all time. So I am excited to see where this fascinating character originated and also because no, I can't get enough of Sydney Carton.

Hopefully I will finish this short book before the readathon on Saturday, which starts at 2 pm for me thanks to the time difference. I have had a few ideas as to what to read for it, but I'll probably decide spontaneously at my whim. Right now I am mostly concerned with hiding the last Christmas cookies so that I'll have something to snack on during the night!


  1. I read The Frozen Deep just after Christmas and loved the melodrama of it all. I can't ever get enough of Wilkie. I hope you enjoy it too.

    Good luck for Cambridge and happy new year!

    1. I did! I read it in one sitting!

      Thank you very much and happy new year to you as well!

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you for Cambridge, you never know. Have you applied for any other UK universities? I studied in London and it was such an experience. I loved being at university, it's like school but better and you meet so many interesting people, no matter where you go.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have applied to LSE, UCL and St Andrews, though I already got a rejection from LSE (there were 960 applicants for 40 places).
      Until next week I can add another university, but I'm still torn between Bath and Edinburgh.

  3. Good luck :)

    Can't wait for readathon tomorrow - I'm torn between reading Jungle Books and then perhaps The Moonstone, but I might just settle down with Les Mis.