Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A very late Readathon Wrap-up

I know, I know, I am tremendously late in reviewing the Classics Club Readathon which ended three days ago, and I should have known that I would not have time to write a wrap-up post in time because it was exactly the same last year.
But in my defense school started for me on Monday, meaning that I again have to endure endless hours of boredom during the day and work through dangerously high piles of homework in the evening.
Oh, the sweet joys of education.

Anyway, back to the Readathon! Here is the ending questionnaire:

1. What book(s) did you read during the event?
    Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Siddharta by Hermann Hesse
2. What book(s) did you finish?
    All except Siddharta, that was too much theologic philosophy for the early hours of the morning.
3. What did you like about our event?
    It was a really great way to start the year with a lot of guilt-free reading.
4. Do you have suggestions for future Readathons through The Classics Club?
    Maybe make them semi-annual? It would be great to have such a big Readathon in the summer as well!
5. Would you participate in future Readathons?
6. Anything else you’d like to share? (Favorite quote from your reading? Funny anecdote from the event?)
    I loved The Great Gatsby and there are many beautiful quotes in it, but my favourite is this one about          Gatsby from near the end of the book:

"He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil. So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight—watching over nothing."


  1. I think your choice of books was great for the readathon, although I agree that Siddharta might be a bit tense under the conditions of heavy reading (from what I remember). I also think that making readathon semi-annual is a great idea, I was travelling last weekend and couldn't participate, so now I have to wait for the whole year to hopefully take part! :)

    1. Yeah, support for a summer readathon! It would be so great!
      I might choose a longer book the next time though, switching between so many different worlds in a day is a little confusing.